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                                                       Moving from France to UK

These days a lot of people are  moving from France to UK,also across the channel and it seems to be quite an easy thing to do – especially for the European Union citizens. Whatever is the reason why people moving, they all wish to find a professional and reliable removal company. The one which not only transports all the goods between France and UK without damaging it, but also won’t make your wallet much thinner…

The French Man Van is the answer to these requirements, as every two weeks we have discounted trips in the offer on the Paris London route and we can also offer attractive prices on other routes. Our team consists of an experienced group of people working in removals in years; therefore they know exactly how to take care of your goods.

When you decide to move from France to UK you need to establish few things. First of all, you need to know what sort of service you would require. For example, if you don’t have a lot of items to ship, then you may consider part load service (great for student removals).

moving from France to UK fixed priceThis option is based on shared space on the van between other customers and is usually completed within 7 to 21 days. This may sound a bit daunting… you may afraid that your goods will be mixed up etc. With The French Man Van you don’t need to worry, as we have experience in part loads and we have the system in place preventing this type of situations. The biggest benefit of this kind of service is the price, as along with the space on the van you also sharing the costs of the trip. Price for the part load starts only from Paris – London route or vice-versa.

In case you have the whole apartment to move, then you would probably need dedicated service. With this service, you get the entire space on the van at your disposal and you also get to choose the dates that are suitable for you. We are able to complete this service within 2-3 days – depends on exact location. If you wish we can also help you with the packing your items at an additional charge.

Do not hesitate to contact when moving from France to UK. You can do it either by phone, email or just by filling in our online quotation form.

We guarantee the professional service at all times and very competitive prices for anyone moving from France to UK.

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